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Reach your Target Audience Now! and is a highly popular automotive site that consistently brings back repeat visitors and attracts new viewers on a daily basis. It is the perfect place to showcase automotive products or services. Our users are automotive enthusiasts who enjoy modifying the performance and appearance of their vehicles, and are interested in using your products and services!

It's a fact that web sites which center on a very narrow theme or idea (niche) create visitors of greater interest, and generate 'leads' that are much more apt to buy. When you narrow down your message and focus on a niche, visitors who see your advertisement and respond, will already be 50% sold the minute they click on your ad and visit your web site!

Easy Monthly Payments, no confusing CPM formulas! and use a flat rate payment per month, so you can simply place an ad by paying the full amount for the month. Hits can increase dramatically within 1 month, and you pay nothing extra!

We take an up front approach to advertising and we're not afraid to publish our prices on the Web. No monthly contracts to sign. Just honest banner impressions at an affordable price! These banners rotate randomly throughout and If a visitor 'clicks' on your banner, they will be redirected to your site. We do our utmost to ensure that all banners are displayed adequately and are effective for our customers and we do not oversell our available banner space.

We have three different advertising placements to suit any size of advertising budget:

Full Size (Banner) Ads
468X60 pixels
Animation Allowed

This is the most standard size ad on the Internet, and for good reason. There is enough space for you to place a full advertising message. You can animate the banner to give a message with multiple parts.

Placement # Location Price per Month
1 Top of every page on and $100
2 Near the bottom of every page on and $75

Square Tile or Button Ads
125X125 pixels or smaller
Animation Allowed

This ad format is fast becoming very popular. It is 125 x 125 pixels (or smaller if you prefer), giving you plenty of space for an effective ad. We run the tile (button) ads on the left side, just under the main navigation, where they are seen after the user scrolls down. The price of these ads makes them a great value.

Placement # Location Price per Month
3 Left side, under main navigation on every page of and, except discussion boards. $50

Ad specifications
Banners in either size can be static or animated, but they must be in the .GIF or .JPEG format and are limited to 20 kilobytes in size (10 kilobytes or less is recommended). The smaller the banner size the more quickly they are read by as many consumers as possible. You can change banners at any time. Just send us an email!

6 Months contract - 10%
One year or more - 20%

Ad Creation
You can have your own advertising agency or web designer create your banner ad and send it to us, or you can have our graphics staff create the ad for you at no additional cost. This is a FREE service to our customers. We will contact you for details in regards to look of the ad and goals for ad campaign.

Easy to get started - contact us and plan your campaign Now! and can get your banner or button up quickly and easily. Satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

If at anytime you wish to terminate an advertising agreement with and, we will refund 100% of the remaining amount, less a 10% early cancellation fee. This policy also applies to cancellation of advertisements by and and reserve the right to cancel or refuse any advertisement at any time.

All advertisements are placed once payment is rendered.

To place an ad or if you have any questions please contact us.



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